Are All Windshields Created Equal? A Comprehensive Guide

Not all glass is made the same way and replacement glass for car windshields clearly demonstrates this. If your car has a large crack in the windshield that needs to be replaced, you have options. Spare parts for cars are manufactured by a company that is not the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or by the same OEM company on a different production line. Some of these parts are of similar quality to OEM parts.

If you pay for your glass replacement out of pocket, aftermarket car glass might be the most affordable option. Aftermarket windshields are created by glass companies that are not affiliated with the original car manufacturers. These windshields are designed to fit the size and proportions of your car, but they can vary in thickness, color, and UV protection. It is important to note that they are not approved by the original car manufacturers and that some accessories may not work properly. All automotive glass manufactured or marketed in the United States must be “safety glass”.

There are two types, laminated and tempered. These two types behave very differently when they get hit. Laminated glass holds together better than tempered glass. It also provides some cushioning in case someone inside the vehicle hits the windshield. Tempered glass breaks into small pieces when hit.

OEM windshields

come from the same manufacturers that made the original windshield on your car.

Not only can you expect an OEM windshield to match your previous windshield in terms of thickness, color, tint, and durability, but it should also fit your car perfectly. If a glass manufacturer receives an order for 25,000 windshields for a particular vehicle, they could decide to use 5000 additional windshields (if allowed to do so under their agreement with the car manufacturer) because they know that, ultimately, they can sell these extras to replace them. You can choose a replacement windshield for car windows that fits well and that contains nothing more than the windshield itself. Your Prescott Valley windshield repair service will offer you both options, so it's best to know which option is best for you before you go looking for a replacement one. It seems to me that the reflection of the dashboard against the windshield is worse than with the original windshield. OEE windshields or equivalent to original equipment are windshields manufactured by the same companies that manufacture the OEMs, but the logo on the glass is that of the glass manufacturer, not that of the car manufacturer.

They can help you choose the best option for your vehicle because, for some vehicles, a second-hand windshield works perfectly, while other vehicle manufacturers recommend using only OEM windshields. Two months ago I changed the windshield to SAFeL*** and today a tiny stone, which barely makes any noise, has left a 12-degree crack in the windshield.

OEM windshields

offer the advantage of being identical to the windshield that was installed when the vehicle was manufactured. OEM windshields are guaranteed to meet the standards of the windshield originally installed in the car.

Since the windshield supports the structural integrity of the vehicle, especially in the event of a rollover, it is definitely a safety-related part. When your windshield cracks and you need to change it, you have two types of windshield glass at your disposal: original ones and aftermarket ones. Regardless of which one you select, it's important to have your repairs and replacements done by an efficient, high-quality company.