How Big Does a Crack Have to Be to Be Replaced? - An Expert's Guide

As a general rule, cracks that can fit under a dollar bill can usually be repaired. Some auto glass repair shops can repair smaller, shorter cracks between 3 and 6 inches. However, many who specialize in replacing car glass, such as Safelite, say they can do it, but they can usually place a bait and exchange the customer for a replacement one when their technician arrives. If an auto glass repairer can properly repair a short-edge crack, then they can repair a long-edge crack.

It's just a matter of sliding a few centimeters more than the right tool to repair cracks in the windshield with the right resin to fix them. Correctly repairing a long crack in the windshield requires specific tools and experience with specific resins for long cracks. Usually, however, it's much easier than replacing it and can easily be done in cracks up to 18 inches long with the right tools and resins. The standard in the United States is 14 inches long.

One of the main factors that determines whether a windshield should be replaced is the size of the crack. Generally speaking, most smaller cracks can be repaired. However, if the crack is larger than 3 inches, most repair shops will recommend replacing it. This is a quick guide to help you determine if a vehicle is suitable for repairing cracks in a long-lasting windshield.

Large automotive glass companies, glass manufacturers, and PVB manufacturers formed a committee through the National Glass Association in 1994 with the goal of attacking the safety of crack repair and drafting a new standard to eliminate all professional and DIY windshield repairs. Repair long chips and cracks with a simple windshield repair tool consisting of two Wonder Bars bars that can repair chips with 100 pieces of resin per piece and, when spat them out, form a long crack slider and a crack opener for repairing long cracks. Ultimately, lengthy crack repairs offer enormous savings potential for owners of vehicles with damaged windshields. Add this coverage to your car insurance policy so you can quickly repair a broken windshield at a lower cost or no cost (note that the coverage wouldn't apply to any pre-existing cracks or damage).

Some states require insurers to replace windshields with no deductible for cracked or chipped windshields as part of your comprehensive coverage. Surface cracks are much easier to repair with resin, but deeper cracks may have damaged the windshield too much. One of the main needs of owning a windshield repair business (or any other long-standing cracked resin business) is efficiency and ethics. Many states have windshield laws that make it illegal to drive with a broken windshield, but these laws vary from state to state.

For more information on how to repair a long crack in the windshield or to order the original long windshield crack repair kits, contact Ultra Bond. With comprehensive coverage, you can get back on the road with a fixed windshield and avoid breaking your state's outdated windshield laws.