How Long Does It Take for Windshield Adhesive to Cure Completely?

When stores tell you that you can come and go after a windshield replacement, they are not wrong. However, as a driver, it is important to understand that your windshield may not be able to withstand an accident unless the urethane adhesive has completely dried. Generally, it takes about 8 hours or overnight for the urethane adhesive to dry completely. Can I drive after changing the windshield? The windshield replacement process usually takes about an hour to complete.

During this time, the technician uses a urethane adhesive to seal the windshield in place. After an hour has passed, you can drive your car normally. However, the urethane is not strong enough to keep the windshield in place in the event of a collision for at least 8 hours, so it is important to drive carefully and head straight home if possible. It is also recommended to leave a window with cracks of at least one inch open for eight hours, weather permitting. At Windshield Surgeons Auto Glass, we believe that no windshield can be properly installed without urethane, which meets these high standards and allows you to drive quickly and safely.

A reputable windshield repair service in Spartanburg, South Carolina can help you verify your insurance claim and make sure that you don't have to pay anything out of pocket. Wollongong AutoGlass offers fast, convenient, and affordable windshield replacement and repair services.