The Risks of DIY Windshield Repair

When it comes to windshield repair, it's important to understand the risks involved. If you attempt a home windshield repair, you could void your vehicle's warranty. If you make a mistake while filling a crack or splinter, the glass could become opaque near that point. Additionally, car insurance companies do not offer any premiums for DIY windshield repair. It's easy to overlook car glass as a critical component of vehicle safety, but failing to repair damaged glass can have serious consequences.

Whether it's a crack, chip, or any other damage, driving with damaged windows poses a significant danger to the driver and passengers. Some drivers opt for homemade car glass repair kits in an effort to save money, as these kits may cost less than professional auto glass repair. Any visible mistake made during the DIY windshield repair process can not only make the window panes look unsightly, but can also obstruct your view while driving. For example, if you have a small splinter in the shape of a porthole near the center of the windshield, an auto glass expert will likely just repair the splinter since this damage doesn't weaken the entire windshield. Since UV lights can be expensive and most car owners wouldn't want to buy this expensive tool to perform an auto glass repair, many homemade glass repair kits instruct users to let the glass repair resin cure under direct sunlight for several hours. If your windshield has been repaired or replaced, there are some warning signs that may indicate faulty work.

In addition, some insurance companies waive the deductible for this type of repair because they know that funding the repair in full can help prevent more extensive and expensive auto insurance claims in the future. Neglecting windshield repair compromises the safety features of your vehicle and puts yourself and your passengers at risk. To avoid these risks, contact the auto glass repair professionals at MS Glass Outlet for all your auto glass repair needs. While all auto glass repair kits vary slightly, most present similar risks both during the glass repair process and afterward.